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After the Rain

10405 Submissions
Curator: Marie McGrory
Associate Photo Editor

Previous Assignments


When Death Comes

This assignment ran from Mar 21 - Apr 11, 2016
Curators: Lynn Johnson, Elizabeth Krist


The Equinox

This assignment ran from Mar 19 - Mar 27, 2016
Curator: Peter Essick
National Geographic Photographer


Sights and Sounds

This assignment ran from Feb 29 - Mar 21, 2016
Curator: Matt Adams
Associate Photo Editor


Landmark Moments

This assignment ran from Feb 8 - Feb 29, 2016
Curator: Orsolya Haarberg & Erlend Haarberg
Contributing National Geographic Photographers


Photos Get Physical

This assignment ran from Feb 1 - Feb 22, 2016
Curator: Darren Smith
Deputy Editorial Director, NG International Editions

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