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    rain and wind
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    We heard the concerns voiced by many members of our community and asked several National Geographic experts to review this photograph. We have concluded that the frog was placed in this setting for the sole purpose of making a photo, but have no definitive proof that the animal was harmed. We asked for clarification from the photographer but did not receive it. We want to reiterate to our community that the ideal setting for photographing wildlife is in their natural habitat, behaving naturally. National Geographic does not support harming the subject or its environment for the sake of creating an image. We also expect full disclosure of how photographs are made. The photo will not be taken down because we'd rather learn from it than hide it.

    Monica C. Corcoran
    Director, Your Shot
    Rifki Musliem
    Rifki Musliem

    Justru kalau kataknya masih hidup malah menyiksa!
    Indonesian don'y be a disgrace!

    Penkdix Palme
    Penkdix Palme

    aduuuuuuuuuuuuuuh all i am not doing nothing with this frog............
    one think the frog is still alive okay...........!!!!!

    999fotos.de Volker Schenk
    999fotos.de Volker Schenk

    @Nachum Weiss 

    Nachum, Thanks for posting that. I hope, NGS managers, curators and editors take the time to read and act.

    A sad thing: Those photos of Penkdix Palme created more than 100 000 !! views for just one of the manipulations worth hunderts of thousands of $$ for NGS.

    People in charge at NGS all know about the manipulation, however they are not able to take a clear stand.

    Members of the community get their comments removed and their galleries disappear in Nowhereland - I don't care - I care, that the success of those manipulations involving animal abuse influence a lot of young photographers and set false standards.

    Some editors/curators might fear for their job, some managers fear about the "BLAMAGE" for NGS.

    The longer they wait, the bigger this will fire back!

    NGS has Love and understanding of Animals on its banners, however for the sake of publicity and $$$$$$ G R E E D they actually support manipulations and animal abuse.

                                        Sad   S a d   S  A  D

    Thanks to

    Curator Monica Clare Corcoran 

    there came a note one the even more popular of PPs shots 2 weeks ago, since than, as Samanthalyn observed, the popularity is even increasing and nothing happened - to my knowledge!

    Fred D.
    Fred D.

    It's a fake frog. The water makes it look more real than it is.

    Ritta Koleva
    Ritta Koleva

    Mr Photographer, you are obviously manipulating those animals ! No frog or cat will pose for you this way except you force them . I'm going to report your pictures to PETA and ask for investigation. Shame on you NG for supporting abuse !

    Chris Even
    Chris Even

    @Ritta Koleva PETA abuses animals as well. Please choose an agency which does not kill animals. They are all about shock in advertising and no better than photographers who would manipulate animals for sake of attention.

    Chris Even
    Chris Even

    @Ritta Koleva try choosing an actual humane association which does not kill animals itself. PETA routinely kills animals at the hands of untrained young adults with God-complexes. Most of the radicals working there don't have a clear mission, guidelines or any sort of research or degrees to back their baseless statements and beliefs up. Try the SPCA instead of the rabid band of heretics at PETA.


    @Ritta KolevaHe is a frog, is it really an issue... Absolutely ridiculous! Why don't you worry about something that actually matters, like world hunger, or the chemical warfare thats about to happen. No you are worried about a tree frog holding a leaf.... WOW. Wake up and smell the sarin gas honey.. You too Volker, get a life.


    @Ritta Koleva Don't get me wrong, I'm totally against animal abuse. This frog is very low on the animal abuse scale. People are doing things that are unimaginable to animals, look at seaworld, now that is real abuse. They are going insane being in those little tanks, they take their babies away from them when they are born... Awful, awful things. Fight for that. These are mammals, they feel feeling like we do. This little frog matters, but i find it pretty insignificant, considering. They are just posing them in pictures guys. There are much bigger things to fight for.

    999fotos.de Volker Schenk
    999fotos.de Volker Schenk

    Commenting on NG's ignorance:

    I have to revise this, as actually NG responded to my letter and starts an investigation:

    Thank you, Monica Clare, for your attention and tapping into the issue(s)

    Your team answered to my concerns:Volker Schenk

    Subject: animal cruelty and likely manipulation AUG 07, 2013  |  10:45AM EDT 
    National Geographic replied:
    Hi Volker,
    Thanks for your message. Our editors are looking into this currently, and they appreciate your note to bring it to their attention. 
    The National Geographic Community Team

    I am convinced, NG will find the right solution and I will start publishing photos again!

    999fotos.de Volker Schenk
    999fotos.de Volker Schenk

    Hi, Penkdix,

    Don't you think it is about time to come forward and reveal your manipulations to the NG Community?

    I feel obliged to inform Prees about your manipulations and NG's ignorance, see a letter to Huffington Post's editor:

    This news is no news - for insider!

    It relates to Huffpost’s publishing of Penkdix Palme's "Dead Cat" and "Frog with umbrella" photos on NG, which had been achieved by severe animal abuse and manipulation.

    We all had been deceived by those photos published on "YourShot" on NG and favored them – including your editor in charge and me. Yet having some doubts, I examined PP's photos further; there is no doubt about manipulation and severe Animal abuse.

    ( More than ¼ million photographers compete there, I rank top ten with more than 50 years of photographic experience, that should count for me: http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/people/

    Anyway, I rather jeopardize my good ranking than support NG further, my ethical principles do not allow me to ….

    As your editor had been misled as well, I believe it is worth for HuffPost to tap in further, also when your results finding “just” some dead frogs might not be as spectacular as coming up with an abusing politician ;-)

    aseel bourisly
    aseel bourisly

    i saw this picture before didnt think it was real i thought " photos hoped" GREat capture 

    Jaka Parker
    Jaka Parker

    I think the frog was dead before being photographed

    999fotos.de Volker Schenk
    999fotos.de Volker Schenk

    Hi, Penkdix,

    Looks like your poor frog needs some Aloe Vera, probably fixed to a leaf, however I doubt, that will bring it alive again.

    Please read, what I expressed as concerns to the National Geography Society:


    As many, I was surprised by a frog in the rain photo by Penkdix Palme and as many, I faved it.

    Later looking closely at the photo I had my doubts and left a comment, however Penkdix answered, he was using a slow shutter speed; OK so far!

    The rain looked unnatural to me, no splashes from the leaf etc. I told a friend, he looked at the photo and said, it s fake and sent me a link:


    When I examined Penkdix photos further, I came across really good work, however manipulated photos like this – and worse, the frog photos with obviously added rain and stoned frogs.

    If I had come across the adventure frog on the frog Kontiki first, I had reacted faster, too obvious the manipulation there!

    The frogs seem to be treated or prepared, there are many concerns in the community, I could read a comment of Veronika Ko as well expressing her concerns very gently.

    When I came across the dead cat photo, I actually had to LoL, LoL, LoL – first about the pic and later wondering about the fact, it received a DD!

    Searching for it again, I remembered it was a DD and searched it there: All wonderful photos selected by the editor(s), I had to leave as many Favs as DDs!

    Selecting the Dead Cat photo by an editor of National Geography makes no sense to me at all, he or she must have had a (very) week moment: How can NG support heavy photo manipulation as well as severe animal cruelty abuse showing in one photo - this is absurd, the sooner this gets addressed the lesser the damage will be for National Geography.

    I had no time checking further on the dead cat manipulation, however Samantha  took the time, read the comment:

    SamanthaLyn Samuelson

    4 days ago

    This cat is alive in another image in your gallery and that date says it was taken the next day after it is dead in this image...????  And it received a Daily Dozen for this image of it being dead...perplexing in regards to the treatment of animals and perplexing about the reality of the image...too strange!  

    Now, you could look at the “Dead Cat” manipulation as fun, however with the frog manipulating there is no fun in. NOT AT ALL.

    Please understand, that  – for the time being  - I will NOT publish further photos on NG, until the problem is addressed and resolved.

    I am – in good company – here, because I enjoy nature and love animals. Here means National Geography, which promotes understanding of animals.

    English is not my native language, so please forgive me some hiccups.

    Instead promoting love for and understanding of our beloved brethren, this is neglecting the issue and looks like supporting animal cruelty and abuse.

    Looking at the Dead Cat photo I came across an English abbreviation, which I was not aware before LoL; I learned, feel alike and say: CoL : C R Y  out  L O U D !


    I hope, I am wrong, in this case please accept my apologies as well as my condolences for some death around you (Cat, frogs, who knows what else?)

    Inanna Ali
    Inanna Ali

    This looks like an illustration for a children's book.

    Photo Details
    Date Taken: May 15, 2013
    Date Uploaded: May 17, 2013
    Location: Jember, East Java, Indonesia
    Camera: Canon EOS 1100D
    Focal Length: 140 mm
    Shutter Speed: 1/50 sec
    Aperture: f/5
    ISO: 400
    Copyright: © Penkdix Palme
    Categories: Animals
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