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    Edit Photo Details Cavern dive in Cenote carwash in Mexico   #scuba
    This is our first cavern dive in Carwash Mexico. During summer months, there is an algae layer at the surface, which traps much of the sunlight and creates a mysterious green atmosphere for deeper water space. As we sink down, an underwater secret garden reveals, just like a scene in a fantasy film.
    Composition 7
    Lighting 9
    Creativity 5
    Story 5

    Whenever a photographer is able to capture an otherworldly surprise, the viewer is treated to a moment of pause while he evaluates what is taking place. In this picture, the moment after my pause, I want to dive alongside the swimmer and push into the ethereal green waters. Pictures such as this set a mood and also invite the viewer to imagine what he cannot see.

    Sarah Polger
    Senior Photo Editor
    Bill Crowle
    Bill Crowle

    Always wanted to dive like this,  a great shot..

    I had to make do with snorkling at Cave Beach, Jervis Bay, and swimming in Nullarbor Lakes....

    Tada Ratchagit
    Tada Ratchagit

    Amazing!!! I very love your color, it's so beautiful. love this shot. ;) 

    carol worrell
    carol worrell

    Unreal shade of green, with the bright air bubbles floating to the surface, and what looks to be a tree underwater....magical environment. Congratulations on this excellent photo and your select!

    Joan Rankin Hayes
    Joan Rankin Hayes

    Beautiful, intense green and lighting!  Congrats on not only the Editor's Favorite, but on having done the dive as well! 

    bruce elliott
    bruce elliott

    love the green tone  and the composition , great shot!

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    Date Uploaded: Jul 16, 2013
    Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
    Copyright: © Tian T.
    Categories: Adventure, Travel, Underwater
    Assignments: Travelogue
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