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    A fantastic night at McWay Falls, Big Sur, California. A must visit for anyone driving along California State Route 1. There are plenty of amazing views such as this that can take your breath away!
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    This famous location at Big Sur is often photographed, but becomes more intriguing under the night sky. The long-exposure allows trees blowing in the wind to soften to a dreamy, brushed aesthetic, as the deep colors of the sky and ocean saturate the frame. The photo’s monotone, blue palette reinforces the calm of the night sky and allows the eye to wander from the tree-framed foreground to the streaking stars.

    Sarah Polger
    Senior Photo Editor
    Jesse Papocchia
    Jesse Papocchia

    Sure beats the same shot I took of that with my iPhone!

    Vishal B.
    Vishal B.

    Nice shot mukul... colors of nature are captured very well..

    carol worrell
    carol worrell

    I enjoy the light highlights in this shot;  the stars, the water circling the rocks and shoreline, the linear lines on the beach, the spots in the rocks, and the horizon. The angle you captured this from with the framing of the trees and the depth looking out toward the distance, gives this image a surreal feeling. Simply beautiful!

    Joan Rankin Hayes
    Joan Rankin Hayes

    BIG congratulations on your photo being included in the Travelogue story!  Wonderful image!  Nothing I can add to what Sarah Polger said about it - super shot!

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    Date Uploaded: Jul 16, 2013
    Location: Big Sur, California, United States
    Copyright: © Mukul Soman
    Categories: Adventure, Landscapes, Travel
    Assignments: Travelogue
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