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    I shot this image of the Aurora on my first trip to Arctic Norway in March 2013; a truly stunning place and the chance to see the aurora makes it irresistible. Witnessing the Aurora is so special and surreal and in this image it appears as a face or skull looking down on the world.
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    Rick Monahan
    Rick Monahan

    A really great picture, I have always wanted to see this. It just makes me want to see it even more in it's physical beauty. Thank Yiu so much Mr. Gorton for your expertise, and for sharing this with us.

    Shiyu Xu
    Shiyu Xu

    Wow, it is breathtaking!

    Vicki Conroy
    Vicki Conroy

    How I envy you the opportunity to see and photograph the aurora. I went to Norway last year and loved it, but I was there in the spring. I wasn't quit brave enough to face a Scandinavian winter! Congratulations on a wonderful photo and being an editors choice.

    Jon Jacob
    Jon Jacob

    beautiful and amazing image..

    Hareesh R Iyer
    Hareesh R Iyer

    great formation of the aurora on a perfected frame

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    Date Taken: Mar 2, 2013
    Date Uploaded: Jul 19, 2013
    Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
    Focal Length: 18 mm
    Shutter Speed: 20/1 sec
    Aperture: f/2.8
    ISO: 1600
    Copyright: © Kevin Gorton
    Categories: Space, Travel, Weather
    Assignments: Travelogue
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