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    The 2013 Perseid meteor shower at Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park. To be clear - this photo is a composite of the meteors that I photographed through the night. I took several images, and only used those that captured a meteor. I then combined all the captures of meteors through the night.
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    Mai Ding
    Mai Ding

    Very nice! Cloudy day in Washington:(.

    Pippa Stewart
    Pippa Stewart

    It's just incredible, both the sky, the scenery and the reflections in the water! Gah, I want to be there. 

    Rick Hammond
    Rick Hammond

    Great image, Max.  I really like the way the reflections in the water add to the composition.

    Anthony D
    Anthony D

    Max, how do you make a photo like this? It's something I've not been able to figure out.

    max seigal
    max seigal

    @Anthony D Edited the caption to better describe how this photo was created. It is a composite shot from a night I spent out in RMNP. I captured several meteors over the course of the night in different images, then composited them to make this one shot that shows the numerous meteors that I had come across that night. 

    Jeff Hershkowitz
    Jeff Hershkowitz

    Great shot Max. Use of water to reflect is really helpful. That bright spot on the one meteor trail really makes it. Inspirational; will have to try myself.

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    Date Taken: Aug 13, 2013
    Date Uploaded: Aug 13, 2013
    Focal Length: 14 mm
    Shutter Speed: 30/1 sec
    Aperture: f/2.8
    ISO: 6400
    Copyright: © max seigal
    Categories: Landscapes, Places, Travel
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