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    Whilst on mission in Afghanistan for the World Food Programme, I had to travel the 10kms or so every day from the office to the warehouse complex. Winter in Kabul is cold, wet and usually shrouded in a heavy fog. These lads were walking along the road early in the morning and the colourful balloons certainly changed our day
    Composition 8
    Lighting 8
    Creativity 4
    Story 6
    Karine  P
    Karine P

    Wonderful image of hope !

    Georges DUBIN
    Georges DUBIN

    Having worked there for years, truly reflects the local environment and its hardship in winter.

    Allen Rooke
    Allen Rooke

    @Georges DUBIN 

    Hi Georges, thanks for the comment.  I have now completed six missions into Afghanistan and visited most of the areas and still find it fascinating.  The people I train are friendly and make me feel very welcome in their country.  I just hope that things work out for them in the very near future.



    alejandro orden
    alejandro orden

    I once read that photography has a lot to do with light and opportunity. You certainly have those two elements in your beautiful picture!

    Allen Rooke
    Allen Rooke

    Hi everyone, Many thanks for the kind words.  I want to keep taking photos in as many places as I travel with my work, sometimes it is very difficult and I like to respect people.  Thanks again it makes me want to keep trying.

    Sabina S.
    Sabina S.

    A wonderful picture. Congratulation on the DD. 

    Andrea H.
    Andrea H.

    THis picture is amazingly beautiful. THank you for sharing!

    Tim Roper
    Tim Roper

    The most story I've seen in a DD photo in a long time.  Very memorable.

    Meg Gresh
    Meg Gresh

    Absolutely lovely photograph!

    Photo Details
    Date Taken: Feb 1, 2013
    Date Uploaded: Sep 13, 2013
    Location: Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan
    Camera: Canon PowerShot G11
    Focal Length: 24.98 mm
    Shutter Speed: 1/125 sec
    Aperture: f/4.5
    ISO: 80
    Copyright: © Allen Rooke
    Categories: Landscapes, Places, Culture
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