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    Nothing changes the landscape like a major volcano. I have visited Bromo Tengger National Park in Java, Indonesia many times. The usual drill is to climb to my favorite viewpoint in the early morning darkness and wait for sunrise. You never know what the new day will bring. This time it was an ash eruption of Mt Semeru highlighted by the warm colors of rising sun.
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    Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

    This is super cool! One of my top 10 favorites.

    Evans Tee
    Evans Tee

    I start to put my image in this website because I saw this image which I really think "THAT IS AWESOME!"

    thank you for bring me here! (I am sorry I am not good in English)

    Evans Tee
    Evans Tee

    @Dennis Walton @Evans Tee 

    I'll be visiting the place in December, hope the weather will be fine so that i can witness the view which is as pretty as the photos you have taken =D 

    by the way, is the weather there very cold? ==

    Wish you have a very safe and nice trip!

    Dennis Walton
    Dennis Walton

    @Evans Tee

    Hi Evans

    Thanks for commenting on my Mt Bromo picture. The Bromo Tengger National Park in East Java is definitely one of my favorite photo spots. I have visited several times - always searching for the elusive perfect light. Please check out my website for more pictures from this fabulous place.

    Take care,


    Suresh Adiyeri
    Suresh Adiyeri

    Have visited Mt Bromo in first week of Oct 2013. Your photo captures the beauty of the place in the early hours of the morning.

    Rick Hammond
    Rick Hammond

    Great photo, Dennis.  You have a nice gallery too.

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    Date Uploaded: Sep 30, 2013
    Location: Ngadisari, East Java, Indonesia
    Camera: Canon EOS D60
    Copyright: © Dennis Walton
    Categories: Landscapes, Nature, Places
    Assignments: Explore Our Changing World
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