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    The Helix nebula is one of the closer planetary nebula created by the death throes of a star much like our own Sun. The remnant of the star, a white dwarf, glows and causes the material previously expelled to fluoresce. The Helix is 700 light-years distant in the constellation Aquarius and spans 2.5 light-years. The inner ring contains radially symmetric knots of nebulosity each of which is the size of our solar system. Taken from the backyard using narrowband filters.
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    Maui November
    Maui November

    I am at absolute awww and amazement looking at what you have captured here!!! This is absolutely Breathtakingly Beautiful!!! This is absolutely Amazing!!! Absolutely Beautiful!!! I have looked at all of your other photos and image after image after image, has me leaning back in my chair in absolute awww and amazement at how you have captured what you have! Each and Everyone of them are absolutely Breathtakingly Beautiful!!! For you to have captured what you have shows and reflects your deep passion, appreciation, admiration, respect and the Love you have for Nature, the Outdoors and All of Gods Creations! It also tells me you are such a Spiritual person to be drawn to the very things that you are drawn to. To capture the images you have been able to capture and to present them in the way you have here is a definite Gift from God! You have an Absolutely Beautiful Gallery!!! Look so forward to seeing you post more :)

    Orion S.
    Orion S.

    I don't know much about astrotphotography, but seems like a very aptly named nebula. beautiful shot.

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    Date Uploaded: Oct 29, 2013
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