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    IC 443, the Jellyfish Nebula, is a galactic supernova remnant, in the constellation Gemini, that occurred 8,000 years ago and at a distance of 5,000 light-years. The large expanse, to the left and to the top of the image, is the emission nebula Sh2-249... at a distance of 5200 light years. Taken with a Takahashi FSQ-106ED telescope and an SBIG STL-11000 camera. The total exposure is 25 hours, with SII, Ha and OIII filters mapped to red, green and blue respectively.
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    Diane Sawchuck
    Diane Sawchuck

    Bob - you are that rare combination of scientist and artist superb!  So many thanks for sharing your talent with the world. 

    Adam Nair
    Adam Nair

    How do you expose the camera for 25 hours Bob?

    I would have thought that the rotation of the Earth move the nebula out of the section of the sky you had access to?

    Bob Franke
    Bob Franke

    @Adam Nair
    Hello Adam,

    The image was taken on multiple nights from 1/17/2009 to 2/19/2009. For the SII filtered data, 20 30-minute exposures were stacked and mean combined..

    Here's my webpage with complete acquisition details.


    Mike H.
    Mike H.

    The dedication and effort to capture that...

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    Date Uploaded: Nov 2, 2013
    Location: Chino Valley, Arizona, United States
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