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    My 4 yr old son at play... As my Son plays in the tunnel, all I hear is "Hey Mommy Look What I Can Do!" My response "Hold on Baby let's show The World what you can do....."
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    Pijush Roy
    Pijush Roy

    Mind blowing click! Lighting, story composition all are excellent of course the timing as well. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work Mannys.

    Karen Moore
    Karen Moore

    Love this , I take my grand daughter to the park all the time, and as always have my camera with me, but I normally shoot wildlife. I have taken her in the swing, slide, climbing on things but never once thought of taking a shot like this! It is Stunning, I love the the glow , the rings the shadow, everything just an all around fantastic shot!!! Kudos!!!! Now I see it was shot with your phone, even better !!

    Marcia Edwina
    Marcia Edwina

    Whuhu nice shot ! You have beautiful photos ! Good work and Good luck ! :)

    Mannys Mahem
    Mannys Mahem

    Thank you so much for the kind & encouraging words!

    Mannys Mahem
    Mannys Mahem

    Thank you so very much!! :) I have found the most "Spontaneous" shots really are the best!

    Photo Details
    Date Taken: Aug 19, 2011
    Date Uploaded: Nov 3, 2013
    Location: Youngsville, North Carolina, United States
    Camera: Apple iPhone 4
    Focal Length: 3.85 mm
    Shutter Speed: 1/15 sec
    Aperture: f/2.8
    ISO: 160
    Copyright: © Mannys Mahem
    Categories: Adventure, Black and White, People
    Assignments: The Moment, Spontaneous Adventure
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