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    Polarized light photomicrograph of a thin section of ocean jasper from Madagascar - close-up of two impinging spherulites
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    Tracy Hanley
    Tracy Hanley

    Do you sell these images? I think they would enhance my home decor!

    Bow Nannicha
    Bow Nannicha

    I love your photos, really want to have many of them on my comp screen so much. But I must be respectful for your copyright. Thanks a lot for sharing such beauties. :)

    Feeba Jairsom
    Feeba Jairsom

    Jasper...this is soooo beautifully made Bernardo :)

    Teresa Lee
    Teresa Lee

    your have a truly amazing gallery!

    Amy K Swan
    Amy K Swan

    A wonderful explosion of color! Congratulations on your "Spotlight", I'm enjoying my visit to your gallery this peaceful Sunday morning!

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    Date Taken: Jan 1, 2000
    Date Uploaded: Jan 16, 2014
    Camera: Canon EOS 550D
    Focal Length: 0 mm
    Shutter Speed: 1/25 sec
    Aperture: f/0
    ISO: 100
    Copyright: © Bernardo Cesare
    Categories: Abstract, Landscapes, Nature
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