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    Rocks line the shoreline on a beach near Mendocino, California.
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    Andre Boss
    Andre Boss

    Very nice, great colors and composition

    Benjamin Carr
    Benjamin Carr

    Great exposure! I like the colors and contrast.

    Vkqcc s.
    Vkqcc s.

    I really like the bold contrast in colors and the shapes in this photo. Thanks for sharing!

    Barbi Alhadeff
    Barbi Alhadeff

    It seems as if it was shot in another planet! Amazing!

    Hege Gulbrandsen
    Hege Gulbrandsen

    soothing photo, nice colours and I get relaxed by watching it :) thanks for sharing. The rocks are a great contrast.

    Photo Details
    Date Taken: Mar 30, 2013
    Date Uploaded: Jan 29, 2014
    Location: Little River, California, United States
    Camera: Canon EOS-1D X
    Focal Length: 32 mm
    Shutter Speed: 178/1 sec
    Aperture: f/11
    ISO: 100
    Copyright: © Casey McCallister
    Categories: Landscapes, Nature, Places
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