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    On the banks of the Ohio River, the Kentucky side, I watched as the shifting ice, momentarily formed a heart ringed in blue.
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    Caroline R.
    Caroline R.

    Love this photo, amazing what nature can create.

    William Olson
    William Olson

    Really like your shot.  If I might make a suggestion...I would crop out a bit of the top as it looses interest and gets slightly noisy.  Very unique and dynamic composition!  Cheers

    Aina R.
    Aina R.

    Excellent work, created by nature and photographer.

    Photo Details
    Date Taken: Jan 29, 2014
    Date Uploaded: Feb 6, 2014
    Camera: Canon EOS 40D
    Focal Length: 135 mm
    Shutter Speed: 1/8000 sec
    Aperture: f/6.3
    ISO: 400
    Copyright: © Danielle Mussman
    Categories: Abstract, Nature, Weather
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