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    Love comes in many forms and a peaceful morning can be full of it !
    Composition 8
    Lighting 7
    Creativity 6
    Story 5
    Laurie H.
    Laurie H.

    I love this picture! Nice job!

    Anca Bilt
    Anca Bilt

    @Laurie H. Thank you Laurie, this is one of our favourite photos of the two, It  brings back such beautiful memories :).


    Lovely scene!! I like this your shot very much!

    Neil Cowler
    Neil Cowler

    LOVE the shadow on the wall. such a good foto

    Dornadula C.
    Dornadula C.

    Wonderful shot with good lighting and composition

    Maggie Steber
    Maggie Steber expert

    I tried so hard to resist this photograph because of its cuteness factor.  A cute little girl, a cute little kitten.....gee whiz.

    But I just had to succumb and while it might have something to do with the fact that I love animals and especially kittens--I mean just look at that little roly poly watching his young mistress paint---it has more to do with the light and the girl being absorbed in her painting to the point that the kitten is incidental.  I could see this pair decades from now doing the same things but much older....old friends.  Something about light is so emotional, too, so powerful in creating a mood or setting the scene and the light here is a key player for me.  Without the light, it would not have the same power.  It's a quiet, lovely, peaceful moment in their lives, two young friends sharing a moment and being together as they probably love to be.

    Anca Bilt
    Anca Bilt

    @Maggie Steber  I am really glad that you couldn't resist because your comment made my evening :).

    I am so glad that the photo transmits the feeling of that moment, similar with what I felt. This is a photo done in one summer morning of my daughter painting ( she loves to paint and draw) and our small ( then) cat. ... Now both are bigger, more independent but from time to time our cat still watches my daughter paint. They are best friends and my daughter loves her so much.

    Thank you so very much for your feedback!

    Tom Charles
    Tom Charles

    @Maggie Steber  Agreed. The contrasts of light and shadow, mutual attentiveness to the task at hand, along with the simplicity of the whole scene adds to the emotion and power of this image. Beautiful indeed!

    Vanessa Hirsch
    Vanessa Hirsch

    Lovely shot! Love the soft warm colors and light.

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    Date Taken: Aug 27, 2012
    Date Uploaded: Feb 28, 2014
    Location: Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom
    Camera: Canon EOS 600D
    Focal Length: 10 mm
    Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec
    Aperture: f/3.5
    ISO: 400
    Copyright: © Anca Bilt
    Categories: Animals, People, Portraits
    Assignments: Love Snap
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