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    In the surroundings of Kyoto you can find the village of Nara. In it, all temples and parks are loaded with wild and free deers. You can touch and feed them. It's amazing the respect and care people here have with both animals and plants. In this picture you can see a group of students visting one of the main temples in the city sharing with the deers as if they were another of their classmates.
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    I need translation here....The contrast of he uniformed students and deer is memorable.

    Robin Schwartz
    Fine Art/Editorial Photographer
    Amanda Bowers
    Amanda Bowers

    I would love it if people treated their animals like this in the U.S.

    juan fontaine
    juan fontaine

    Thank you very much Robin. I will translate it.

    Anything else just let me know.


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    Date Uploaded: May 7, 2014
    Location: Nara-shi, Nara, Japan
    Copyright: © juan fontaine
    Categories: Animals, Places, Travel
    Assignments: The Animals We Love
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