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    Milkyway over Seven Sisters Cliff After midnight, light from cities and town reduces, providing that at the south coast of UK has a relatively low light pollution. It is therefore easier to capture the Sagittarius and Scorpius part of the Milkyway.
    Composition 3
    Lighting 6
    Creativity 2
    Story 2
    Mohammed Amir
    Mohammed Amir

    Amazin click, I am a beginner could you please let me know the camera settings to achieve this magnificent pictures.

    Lee Woon Lim
    Lee Woon Lim

    Hi I am a fan of this photo, I am a new hobbyist, how was this being shot?

    Hafiz Khan
    Hafiz Khan

    worth to be downloaded for educating my children.... but copywrite protected... hmmmm

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    Date Uploaded: Jun 11, 2014
    Location: West Dean, England, United Kingdom
    Copyright: © Chap Him Wong
    Categories: Landscapes, Nature
    Assignments: After Midnight
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