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Catch the Light

This assignment ran from Jun 5 to Jun 26, 2013.

“Without light, both we and our cameras are blind.” —Annie Griffiths

Light is the fundamental element of photography that transforms a scene from mundane to magical, from flat to multidimensional. Whether it’s the glow of the golden hour, the harsh contrast of the midday sun, or the distant light of stars coaxed out through long exposure, light is key. More...

Curated by:

Alexa Keefe
Photography Producer
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Published Jul 8, 2013.
Thank you for your contributions!

You Know It When You See It

Posted jun 19, 2013

"Nice light" is one of those catchphrases that means little in the
written language, but becomes crystal clear when expressed visually.
This is the principle I invite you to follow for the remainder of this
assignment. As you look at the frame you have made, ask these
questions: Is the light you have captured what makes your photograph
sing? Is it the element that binds together moment, composition, and technique? Does it make you want to say "nice light"?

I have said yes to these questions several times so far. Keep up the great work!

Off to a Shining Start

Posted jun 12, 2013
I’m enjoying seeing all of the ways light inspires you. Remember to show me the situations as they appear. This is infinitely more interesting than anything Photoshop can do. And please submit photos without watermarks if you can. These are less distracting to the eye and easier to integrate into the final story.

Finally, for those of you who have questions about how to create the shot you’re envisioning, take a look at these tips:

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes in this week!

The Language of Light

Posted jun 5, 2013

For this assignment, we invite you to speak the language of light. Spend time in one place and take note of how the changing light affects the mood and tone of what you're seeing. Observe the way light might fall on someone's face, cast a shadow across a surface, or play with color in a scene. Experiment with light sources in interior spaces, or get creative with light painting. 

Show us the light your camera sees.

Alexa Keefe

Alexa Keefe

Photography Producer
Alexa Keefe has been working with photography for over ten years as a photo librarian, photo editor, and photo producer. She is the Photography Producer for and the editor of Photo of the Day.