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Everyday Moments

This assignment ran from Sep 4 to Sep 25, 2018.

Your Shot is launching a mentorship program, and we have selected Shannon Hunt, Rose Ungvari, and Sukanya De as the first three mentees. This assignment from Shannon is the first in a series to be curated by them. Click here to learn more.

From Shannon Hunt: "I have been a part of the Your Shot community since 2013. In that time, I have met so many talented photographers from around the world who I am honored to call my friends. What I love about Your Shot is that it gives us a place to share our stories and experiences. As photographers we have the ability to pause time and document stories that will show future generations what our world was like and how we lived our everyday moments.

Through photography we open doors into our personal experiences, like April Nocifora's "My Battle with Cancer," which gave a glimpse into how she is facing her illness. I can feel the sadness and despair she is going through. When I read her poem, I also felt hope because she is showing us her fortitude and strength to not let cancer win. April showed us a strong image and then creatively used her caption to lift her image to another level.

We also have the power to shape the narrative of history through the photos and stories we share, whether it's taking place on the world stage or in our own homes. Your Shot photographer Adlan Mansri's "Clashes in Palestine" gave us a powerful and frightening look into the daily life of a war-torn country, while Monika Multan's "Our Everyday Life" composed three different moments in her family's life into one frame. Together, we have an opportunity to build a story that says so much about our community.

Along these lines, this assignment invites you to share photos and stories featuring everyday moments. Show me the big and small moments that will make my heart sing, cry, or laugh so hard I have to hold my sides. Share photos that capture breathtaking landscapes, lovely memories spent with family and friends, or stunning images of wildlife. I want to experience what life is like for each of you through your amazing imagery and stories."

You will have three submissions, and the deadline is September 25, 2018.

Shannon Hunt
Your Shot photographer

With David Y. Lee
Producer, Nat Geo Your Shot

Curated by:

David Lee
Producer, Nat Geo Your Shot
Assignment Status
  • Open

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Published Oct 9, 2018.
Thank you for your contributions!

My Best Photos of 2018 assignment

Posted dec 11, 2018

"My Best Photos of 2018" assignment has launched. Make sure you turn on your notifications, so you are alerted if we open to a fourth, and maybe even a fifth submission.

In the meantime, to get inspired, check out a gallery of the best images from this year — curated by the Your Shot team from thousands of photographers and over a million photographs.


Submissions Deadline is September 25, 2018 at 12PM EST

Posted sep 24, 2018

The submission deadline for "Everyday Moments" is tomorrow (September 25, 2018) at 12PM EST. Your Shot photographer Shannon Hunt has opened this assignment for four submissions.

Also the My Best Photos of September 2018" assignment is open. Submission deadline is October 1, 2018 at 12PM EST.


Open for Fourth Submission

Posted sep 17, 2018

Thank you to everyone who has participate in the Everyday Moments assignment. You have all amazed me with your images. You have shown me enticing moments from all around the world. I have enjoyed beautiful sunrises, quiet moments with family, alluring images of wildlife, and illustrations of how we work throughout the day. I am opening the assignment up for a fourth submission because you have worked so hard and really deserve it. I have also added a list of images that I love and I think will inspire you.

Use this fourth submission as a time to really think about the moments in your life that are so meaningful to you. I would love to see images of your time spent with family as your day comes to an end, images of what you do for fun or how you celebrate special moments in your life. I want to feel like I am there with you in the moment. Take your time to look around your world and find that amazing picture you want to share with our global community.

"The Deer and the Bird" by Amanda Cook
"Morning Symphony" by Amar Chatterjee
"Storyteller" by Anna Sznajder
"I Miss You" by Babis Beslemes
"Waiting for Klimt" by Emmanuel Domps
"Contemplating the Dawn" by Emili Vilamala
"Emily" by Grace Gabbana
"The Key Account Manager" by Ole Marius Joergensen
"Happy Hour" by Ricardo Ramos
"Routine" by Shelby Clowers

Shannon Hunt
Your Shot Photographer

Editor's Update 01

Posted sep 4, 2018

Every picture we capture is like a stitch in a tapestry, and every stitch has its own story. I want to see us create a tapestry that thousands of years from now will tell future generations what our daily lives were like. I want that story to tell them how we hoped, how we loved, how we felt pain. How in our worst moments we found strength, and we shined when we were at our best.

Our everyday moments can show us the journey we take through life. Think about it this way: if I put all your images in a time capsule and buried it somewhere near the Your Shot headquarters in Washington D.C. so that many years from now, it can be found and dug up - what would you want the people that find it to know? How would you show them through your images and captions what daily life was like for us in 2018? We can show them a collection of images that will complete the thousands of stitches in the tapestry I talked about and demonstrate how our everyday moments created our world.

Life is so full of moments that are worth capturing and as photographers, we are lucky to be the ones who freeze those moments. So pick up your cameras and just start shooting. Not only will you be helping create this story with me but you will be creating your own stories to be cherished for years to come. Life goes on every day through laughter, through sadness, through adventure, through living and even through dying so show me all the moments that are important to your daily lives. Remember that a great photograph can only become greater with a thoughtful caption. I can't wait to see your Everyday Moments.

Here are some photos to inspire you:

"The Red Chiffon" by Donato Di Camillo
"Pastoral Dream" by Erik Fremstad
"Top of the World" by Sonalini Khetrapal
"Life in the Circle" by Faisal Azim
"The Joy of Rain" by Gloria Salgado Gispert
"Four's Company Lifestyle Photo" by Sandra Rust
"Drying Pots" by Zay Yar Lin

Shannon Hunt
Your Shot photographer

David Lee

David Lee

Producer, Nat Geo Your Shot
Before joining the Your Shot team, David covered the White House for Time and Newsweek, and served as an official photographer for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. He also started The Waiting List, a non-profit storytelling project humanizing the statistics of organ donation.