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Family Adventure

This assignment ran from Mar 1 to Mar 29, 2017.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, we are slowly beginning our thaw from winter — and with the first days of spring on the horizon comes the planning of family trips, vacations, and journeys.

For this Your Shot assignment, we are asking you to bring your cameras and share with us the experience of your family adventure. Does your family take a plane ride to some exotic location so you can hang out on a sunny beach? Maybe your family scuba dives together? Perhaps you’ll find yourselves scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro. Yes, these are extreme adventures, and you might be a family who doesn’t take part in such trips. Do not fret, this assignment is open to all family photographers who capture the joy of their kids running through an open field or sitting out under the stars during a camping trip, or even exploring a new museum in your city. Or maybe share with us photo and story from when you were younger. Bring us on your family adventure.

Remember we are not there with you. Help us better experience your family adventures by sharing in your captions where you were when the image was taken, your familial relationship to who you photographed, and why you decided to document this moment. As the photographer of your family adventure, be prepared for the unexpected. Follow the light, try low or high angles, zoom with your feet and not your lens, and anticipate intimate moments between your loved ones.

And so… don’t forget your camera. Have fun and we look forward to enjoying your family adventure with you.

Submission deadline is March 29th, 2017 at 12PM EST.

In return for the Sponsor's support of this Assignment, National Geographic may provide images from the Assignment to the Sponsor, MINI, for use on it's website, social media platforms, and other outlets to promote and publicize the Assignment.

Curated by:

Andy Mann
Adventure Photographer and Filmmaker
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Published Apr 13, 2017.
Thank you for your contributions!

Five More Days

Posted mar 24, 2017

Five days remaining, friends! Wow, I’m blown away with the submissions thus far! I’ve officially decided now that I’m taking that road trip to Montana this Summer with my family!  I feel the latest round of submissions are upping the ante. I’m seeing more candid family moments and better uses of natural light. I’m also seeing more “simple” compositions – clean, timeless backgrounds, shallow depth of field & well composed portraits. An adventurous family isn’t always on an adventure. Often the moments between hold a certain relatable beauty. I love the uses of big landscapes as well. The “Instagram” influence is easy to see – and I like it: Go big with your next submissions, celebrate life, throw your hands in the air, backflip into the lake, camp under the stars. Capturing family adventures with the look of a professional photographer is happening more and more and I love it. You’ll all look back on these moments with a huge grin. I’m trying to wipe mine off my face but I can’t. Five more days.

Adventure Time

Posted mar 16, 2017

Hi friends!

Wow. Amazing submissions so far! I’m seeing everything from polished, beautiful travel photography to intimate family experiences shot with a phone. This is all a little overwhelming and I’m feeling like I should pack up our little camper and hit the road with my family! Maybe I’ll plan a summer trip to Wyoming and visit Yellowstone. So, thanks everyone for the inspiration. I hope you all see the over-all inspiration here – Family!

Two weeks left on the assignment. I’d love to see more “misadventures”, candid & funny moments. Let’s get honest, a family that can laugh it off make for a good adventure team! Also, feel free to play with your post production. I find myself drawn to black and whites, vintage tones of sepia and copper, soft vignettes, etc. If you can create an image that looks nostalgic and timeless, you’ll grab my heartstrings. Our emotional connection to an image should be one of your goals.

Keep up the great work adventurers! I’m going to start planning my next family road-trip! Any suggestions within a few days of Colorado?


Andy Mann

Andy Mann

Andy Mann

Adventure Photographer and Filmmaker
Andy Mann is an adventure photographer and filmmaker, and co-founder of 3 Strings Productions. His work extends from vertical cliffs in the mountain to the deep depths of the ocean, and has been featured in National Geographic magazine, Outside, and the New York Times. Andy has documented eight deep-sea expeditions, including three for National Geographic Pristine Seas project, an initiative to find, survey, and help protect the last wild places in the ocean. His most recent project took him on an expedition to Antarctica to document wildlife both above and below water.