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Finding Fashion

This assignment ran from Sep 12 to Oct 3, 2016.

For me, photography is about two things: discovery and appreciation. It’s about going out into the world and finding moments that connect with you. They can be subtle and quiet or big and bold. But the key is that they make you—the photographer—feel something that inspires you to pick up your camera. Secondly, photography is about recognizing the landscape, light, gesture, color, texture, and/or subject in front of your lens. The act of photography is your creative way of saying, “I appreciate you.”

I am attracted to pictures that are filled with fashion, specifically with people expressing themselves through their clothes, be it an entire outfit or a carefully crafted detail in an accessory. We all have our own relationships with fashion. For this Your Shot assignment, I encourage you to go out into the world and discover something new—or better yet, look at something you see all the time and try to photograph it in a unique and interesting way. Pay special attention to the fashion in the moment you are witnessing. Appreciate the opportunity you have to make a photograph of it. Get close, or step back. Show me your intention. Work it. Remember that you are responsible for everything inside the frame. Good luck.

Curated by:

Landon Nordeman
Documentary photographer
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Published Oct 12, 2016.
Thank you for your contributions!

One More Submission...

Posted sep 30, 2016

We are opening up this assignment to include a 4th submission, so take this opportunity to really go for it! Make new pictures! You have nothing to lose. I look forward to seeing your new work!! Good luck!


Keep It Up!

Posted sep 28, 2016

Dear Your Shot Community,
Thank you for sharing your work.
I am seeing much more intriguing pictures from you guys–and I really appreciate your efforts to make surprising images. Keep it up!
For the final days of the assignment, I want to encourage you guys to make pictures that only you can make. In other words, stay away from clichés and from what you’ve seen before. Ask yourself what is interesting to you, and then show me with your photographs.
Another important key to think about these last few days is experimentation!
Try something photographically that you’ve never done before–and see what happens! 
Remember to be aware of light, color, gesture, and framing, and keep an eye out for fashion. You will know it when you see it!

This Friday (September 30, 2016) from 10:00 to 10:30AM EST, join me for a live chat on the story discussion board where I will be answering questions from you. Ask me anything–not just about this specific assignment and my experience shooting fashion–but also about photography in general.

Good luck and I look forward to chatting with you all on Friday.

Way to Go!

Posted sep 20, 2016

Dear Your Shot community:
Way to go! I love your submissions. Thank you all for sharing your work. One important part of the creative process is sharing what you create with others. It helps you grow. Also, being able to explain and discuss your ideas and inspiration is something we all need to get better at, right? If you like a photograph, try to explain why you like it (or why you don’t). The Your Shot community is here for you. We are all in this together. Let’s learn from each other!
One important point I want to convey is that I, too, am here to be a resource for you to help you improve, learn, and grow as photographers.

So instead of sending me your greatest hits images that you shot a few years ago when you went on an amazing trip, I want you to go out and shoot now. Take some of these new tips and go out into the world, or the room next door, or whatever you have access to, and try to make a new photograph that will surprise you and inspire our community.
Try to discover something that you did not know you were capable of. Experiment. Improvise. Explore. There are no rules in photography. Experimentation and practice are all you need to get better and to find your own voice!
I am doing the same thing: taking assignments, having new experiences, and following my instincts to create images that express how I feel about the world. The following links are examples of two recent projects, from the US Open and New York Fashion Week, that I just shot.
ESPN: iPhone 7 at the U.S. Open
New York Times: Off the Runway
Maybe an image or two will inspire you, or maybe they won’t. But at least you will know that I am out there in the world enjoying the process of making photographs and that you can be too.
Good luck with the assignment. Please continue to share your work and inspire me with your creativity!


Photographers I Love

Posted sep 14, 2016

Here are some photographers whose work I love:

Garry Winogrand
He has a great sense of humor in his pictures—see his work from zoos—and the ability to turn ordinary moments into transcendent photographs. Look at his street photography.

Guy Bourdin
He is the most surprising fashion photographer you’ve ever seen. Startling compositions blended with his creative use of color and perspective result in an amazing body of work that will inspire you no matter what you like to photograph.

William Eggleston
He’s a master of color with an amazing eye for turning the ephemeral into the eternal. 

Remember that the camera does not come with any rules about where to point it. You can point it anywhere you want!

Here’s a good exercise to practice: Before you press the shutter, take two steps forward. 

Also, for this assignment, leave your zoom lens at home. When you’re out walking and shooting, use one fixed lens only.

Go for it! — Landon

Landon Nordeman

Landon Nordeman

Documentary photographer
Looking for the eternal in the ephemeral, Landon photographs fine art projects and works for commercial and editorial clients around the world. His first monograph, Out of Fashion, will be published by Damiani this fall (2016). American Photography, Communication Arts, Pictures of the Year International, The PDN Photo Annual, The Center for Documentary Studies, PDN's 30, and The Society for Publication Design have all commended his work. Landon's photographs have been exhibited at The Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York and The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing among other venues, and are in the collections of The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and The Columbus Museum of Art.