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This assignment ran from Mar 24 to Apr 14, 2014.

As the first photo editor of Your Shot, I was the earliest supporter and promoter of this community's unique style of shooting. With my encouragement, the Your Shot brand developed into the powerhouse you have all contributed to. As it continues to grow and expand, I've been asked to be the special editor for a single assignment. I'm pleased to announce that the subject will be your individual expression of Home.

This subject is important to me because I've had many places I've called home and continue to establish them. Home can be defined by varying lengths of stay and visually described as having more or less than walls and a roof. It could be thought of as the home you do have, wish you had, imagine you have, or hope to have. It can also be the home of someone or something else. It doesn't necessarily have to have a roof, but it should represent your individual expression of Home, including what it means to you personally.

Curated by:

Susan Welchman
Senior Editor, National Geographic Magazine
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Published Apr 21, 2014.
Thank you for your contributions!

The Power of Captions

Posted apr 3, 2014

Hello to everyone working on the Home assignment and thank you for trying so hard to find, take, and send images that describe where you are centered. I have been motivated to really consider how I edit based on these images. To my own surprise, I have found that I need a thoughtful caption that tells me how these photos represent Home. This way I will know your intent and personal vision. I have seen many images that don't including beaches, wildlife, flowers, fireworks, cats, flags, candles, boats, trees, cityscapes, candles, weather, boats, etc. There have been many captions that tell a good story, but the words don't match the photo. Just continue to look deeply at where you live and why. Please put the location of your image in the caption. I will continue to write comments on the most outstanding image and caption combinations, as well as appreciate how hard you are working.

Thank you —sw


Posted mar 20, 2014

Your images should strive not only to document but also to reveal. They should contain a thought or emotion. They can be abstract or realistic but should be within a single frame and without digital manipulation. You can surprise and shock yourself and me by searching for the meaning of this assignment not only with your cameras but also with what is behind the lens. Please don't shoot the obvious, because I'm looking for something I haven't seen before.

A couple reminders: Submit up to three photos during the assignment, so choose carefully. The assignment ends on April 14, 9AM EST. And most important, include a great caption.  I'm here to see your thoughts on Home.  Thanks and good luck. 

Susan Welchman

Susan Welchman

Senior Editor, National Geographic Magazine
Susan Welchman is a Senior Editor for National Geographic Magazine and has worked for the Society for the last 35 years. She was a photographer at the Philadelphia Daily News and then worked at the New York Post as a photo editor. She then came to National Geographic and has furthered her passion for photography, winning numerous awards and accolades.