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For a Portfolio Review

This assignment ran from May 17 to May 18, 2019.

From Robbie Shone: “Before I was a National Geographic photographer, I was a member of the Your Shot community. My photos caught the eye of the Your Shot editors and, to my joy, they were published as Daily Dozens and in a Your Shot story. One was featured as National Geographic’s Photo of the Day. I remember how I felt when this happened. I was so excited and so happy. Finally, my photographs of caves had been recognized by the ‘right’ people. It gave me that extra bit of hope and determination to push ahead. That’s why I am so keen to help with Your Shot. I was once one of you, a community member, and I fed off the enthusiasm gained from reading detailed comments by proper Nat Geo photographers! It was so encouraging and gave me the confidence to continue with my dream. Good luck to you all.”

Your Shot is close to celebrating 10 million uploaded photos, we wanted to do something special. We want to give you the confidence to continue with your dream, just like Robbie received from the Your Shot team years ago. Maybe you are the next Robbie Shone. Or Douglas Gimesy. Or Takashi Nakazawa.

From the Your Shot photographers published in this final story, one will be selected for a portfolio review. Here are the guidelines:

1. You will be allowed only ONE submission. We are opening the assignment early so you can take advantage of the discussion board and ask each other for advice and feedback BEFORE we open up for submissions on May 17, 2019, at 8 a.m. ET.
2. For this assignment, your photo may have been previously published.
3. Write a good caption that explains the who, what, where, when, and why behind your visual story.

Why only one submission? Here is Robbie Shone: “In today’s world of photography, we are shooting many more photographs than ever before. Digital photography and the instant social media platforms have revolutionized our world. This is why I believe in the number one! The top dog! The best! Not your top 10. It will take time to edit and condense your selection of photographs down to only one, but by doing so you will understand and learn to embrace the importance of the finer details in your work. You will look even closer at your photographs, closer than ever before, so that you can choose that ultimate photograph."

Go HERE to read Robbie Shone's advice about your portfolio.

Submission deadline: May 18, 2019 at 8:00 a.m. ET.

To celebrate 10 million Your Shot photos, the May 17 edition of our Photos of the Week series will be curated by National Geographic magazine Editor in Chief Susan Goldberg. Thanks for being a #YourShotPhotographer. Together we will become better photographers and more thoughtful storytellers. Together we are National Geographic’s global photo community.

David Y. Lee
Producer, Nat Geo Your Shot

Robbie Shone
National Geographic photographer

Curated by:

Robbie Shone
National Geographic photographer

David Lee
Producer, Nat Geo Your Shot
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Published Jun 15, 2019.
Thank you for your contributions!

Robbie Shone has selected the Your Shot photographer for the portfolio review

Posted may 21, 2019

FYI — Thanks to everyone who participated in our "For a Portfolio Review" assignment. Robbie Shone has selected the Your Shot photographer for the portfolio review. This morning (May 21st) I sent an email to the individual. Please check the email address connected with your Your Shot profile.

In the meantime, I would highly recommend you take advantage of Robbie's advice about creating your own portfolio. Practice this exercise. As you are honest with yourself in acknowledging your strengths and weakness, you will mature as a better photographer and more thoughtful storyteller.

Also if the selected individual is unavailable or does not respond back to me, we will move onto the next Your Shot photographer as Robbie is going on assignment soon and will be busy until August 2019, and I might contact you. Who knows, maybe I'll be inspired and contact some of you who participated in the assignment. Because you never know when an opportunity will present itself, and you need to be ready.


Robbie Shone

Robbie Shone

National Geographic photographer
National Geographic photographer Robbie Shone is recognized as one of the most accomplished cave photographers in the world. He has hung on a thin rope while photographing 200m above the floor in the world’s deepest natural shaft and has explored the far ends of a 189 km long cave system. For his book “Gouffre Berger – L’esprit d’equips,” Robbie spent a continuous 94 hours underground photographing the first cave to hold the 1000m depth record.

David Lee

David Lee

Producer, Nat Geo Your Shot
Before joining the Your Shot team, David covered the White House for Time and Newsweek, and served as an official photographer for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. He also started The Waiting List, a non-profit storytelling project humanizing the statistics of organ donation.