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Resolutions to Travel

This assignment ran from Jan 8 to Jan 29, 2018.

January rings in optimism and new beginnings. While everyone is setting life-changing New Year’s goals, I bet our Your Shot community is resolving to perfect their art of photography. This year, you may be focusing on getting that perfect shot, buying a ticket to your distant dream destination, documenting your neighborhood in a different light, or connecting with a new culture.

For this assignment, we want you to look back, not forward. Go through the pictures from your past travels. We want to see images captured from a place that inspired you and sparked your travel bug. A place that stuck with you, long after you left. Show us a place that you visited and hope to one day return to.

I remember when I took my first road trip through Utah’s National Parks in the American West. I was new to mountains and new to hiking. I had never been to a desert state. The combination overwhelmed me and two years later, I returned to Utah to finish touring this great state that brought me such creativity and joy. Whether it’s kayaking down a deep fjord, getting to know the faces of a foreign town, or spotting wildlife on safari, show us an inspiring place that you hope to visit again.

And for all of you with big travel plans for 2018, don’t worry. This is the first of a two-part assignment. Check back in December when we’ll follow up and ask you to show us where you’ve been this year.

Submission Deadline Monday, January 29th. 12:00 p.m. 

This assignment is inspired by the experiential travel opportunities at National Geographic Expeditions. From complete itineraries to photography-focused trips to private expeditions, all of our trips are led by National Geographic photographers and experts to draw out the uniqueness of each destination through meaningful and enriching experiences. And traveling with us makes a difference—a portion of the proceeds return to the hands of National Geographic Society, whose explorers and researchers are furthering our understanding of the planet. Learn more about traveling with National Geographic at

Curated by:

Lindsay Kuczera
Digital Marketing Manager, National Geographic Expeditions
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Published Feb 12, 2018.
Thank you for your contributions!

Thank You

Posted feb 13, 2018

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Resolutions to Travel assignment! Lin Kuczera put together a really beautiful and moving story from your submissions and I loved the selections she made as well as her thoughtful editor's notes. 

I wanted to remind everyone that we do have new assignment just recently launched entitled The Trip That Changed My Life. Was there a trip you took that just inspired you so much that you wanted to take even more journeys? Have an amazing story from a place you just got back from? We want to see these images and hear these stories! This is a partnership with the Nat Geo Traveler team and we wanted to give our community an amazing opportunity, so one of the images from the final story will be selected to be on the cover of NG Traveler Magazine! This assignment is open to submissions until March 5th, 12pm. So started sharing those amazing travel images! 

Editor's Update #3

Posted jan 28, 2018

From intimate cultural moments to breathtaking wildlife, from thrill-seeking adventures to serene landscapes, I have greatly enjoyed browsing the thousands of submissions for this assignment! So much so that we’re opening up a fourth submission—so keep those pictures coming.

What I am particularly enjoying is learning what inspiration means to you. As the last days of this assignment close in, I would love for you to share that inspiration with each other, and spend some time learning from your fellow Your Shot photographers. This community is full of talent and passion, and I have certainly appreciated all the heartfelt comments and support for one another.

Please continue to caption your entries with details about why that place inspired you and why you would like to return. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your work in these closing days!

Lindsay Kuczera
Digital Media Specialist, National Geographic Expeditions

One more submission

Posted jan 24, 2018

Hello Your Shot!

A fourth submission has just been added to this assignment! Think about what trip really inspired you that you would like to return to someday, make sure to add that in your caption of your photos.

Good luck!

Where to next?

Posted jan 19, 2018

Greetings, all! I’ve browsed through a few thousand photos already and am overwhelmed with the creative and meaningful images you have shared. No doubt you have all had some inspiring experiences both abroad and in your own communities.

What I like most about this assignment is that it’s more open-ended than others have been. Inspiration can come in any form and in any place. It could be as far-flung as experiencing an isolated continent many of us only dream of, as Sam Gulino showed us during his National Geographic Expedition to Antarctica. Likewise, it could be pushing our physical boundaries in sub-zero temperatures as Rachael Blakey documented. Or maybe it’s allowing our senses to absorb a different culture during one of its most exciting festivals as David Aboutboul captured in India.

The details you provide in your caption are crucial to understanding that moment, and they help me understand you as photographers. A pretty picture falls flat if it can’t communicate emotion and a sense of place. Please continue to submit your photographs and write about your experience in your caption. I really enjoy seeing and reading all about your most treasured moments!

Keep up the great work!
Lindsay Kuczera

Lindsay Kuczera

Lindsay Kuczera

Digital Marketing Manager, National Geographic Expeditions
Lin Kuczera works on digital media for National Geographic Expeditions. She curates and manages the @NatGeoExpeditions Instagram account and believes in the power of travel to educate and inspire people to care for our planet, using photography as a means to celebrate the world.