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Visualizing Your Identity

This assignment ran from Mar 12 to Apr 2, 2018.

Identity is among the most ambiguous subject matters a person can explore. Whether it's looking at an individual's relationship with him/herself or examining identity in the context of a larger group or culture, the challenge is to make images that thoughtfully convey something that isn't necessarily obvious at first glance. We're asking you, the Your Shot community to explore what makes up your identity, how do you see yourself through a photograph.

It is an important thought provoking question to ask, who am I? How do I see myself? How do you visualize your identity? For this assignment, we challenge you to make images that thoughtfully convey a concept that isn't necessarily obvious at first glance. We're asking you to explore what comprises your identity, and to show us that in a photograph. The Your Shot community is vast and diverse, but each of you has a unique identity that only you can reveal to us through your photography. As always, please use your caption to give us context for your photo, explaining how you feel the image defines you. We hope this assignment will be a great time to do some self-reflection as you think of creative ways to visualize your identity. 

Assignment deadline: Monday, April 2nd, 12:00 PM EST. 

Curated by:

Kholood Eid
Documentary Photographer
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Published Apr 18, 2018.
Thank you for your contributions!

New Your Shot Assignment: "Not Just A Face"

Posted jul 2, 2018

Hey folks -

In case you missed it, National Geographic photographer Maggie Steber is currently curating a Your Shot assignment called "Not Just A Face.” I hope you all consider participating!

Kristen McNicholas
Associate Photo Editor, Your Shot

Editor's Update #2

Posted mar 27, 2018

Hello everyone! Kholood has written a Editor's Insight blog entry for us including some of the submissions she's really enjoyed from this assignment. We have less than one week left for submissions so please take some time to think about what images you wanted to submit before we close. 

We have  also opened this up for a fourth submission! So choose thoughtfully as you go through recent images you have captured.

Read her blog post here!

Editor's Update #1

Posted mar 19, 2018

Thanks for participating in the “Visualizing Your Identity” assignment! 

First off, I’m very impressed with what I'm seeing so far. I want to commend those of you submitting especially intimate images—the word "intimate" is one I find myself using a lot lately while commenting on some of your photos. This is a particularly personal assignment, which may lead to a sense of vulnerability. Embrace it. This assignment is more about self-reflection and self-expression than capturing beautiful scenes—although I have seen a lot of those, too.

This is a tricky assignment, for sure, but I think that's the fun of it—there's a lot of room for interpretation. Think about expressions, use of light, motion, layering, and other aspects that help convey a sense of mood. I encourage self-portraiture, incorporating family/loved ones, and spaces that personally resonate with you. 

Try to draw inspiration from that. And while we encourage you to include context in the caption, be careful that you’re not relying too much on your captions to carry the image. Your photos should still be strong enough to stand on their own.

Kholood Eid

Kholood Eid

Documentary Photographer
Kholood Eid is a documentary photographer based in New York City. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, ESPN's The Undefeated and Refinery29, among other publications. When not working on assignment or personal projects, she's teaching photography to middle schoolers at the Bronx Documentary Center and recently taught a multimedia course to graduate students at New York University. Prior to living in New York City, she was a coordinator at Pictures of the Year International.