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We Are All Explorers

This assignment ran from Jan 3 to Jan 24, 2018.

Something I have learned in the past few years is that the qualifications for having an adventure are minimal. You don’t have to buy a plane ticket across the world to go for a hike or give up your full-time job to travel. Whether you’re gazing down an alley in a busy city, unearthing secrets in science, or trekking through the jungle in Borneo, there are always new things to discover. The hardest part is the first step out your front door.

As a photographer, if I feel a lack of inspiration, sometimes I take a walk through my neighborhood or garden to turn over rocks and sticks, just to see what exists beyond my computer screen. The exploration doesn’t have to stretch far but the key is to focus on finding something that fascinates me, like a bug I’ve never seen or one of my honeybees on a flower.

For this assignment, I want to focus on exploration. But I also want us to think outside the box on what this word means to each of us individually. Did you climb a new mountain? Have you been working on a cure to a disease? Did you find a new street that you’ve never seen before? Did you meet someone new? I want to see it all. I can’t wait to explore the world through your photos and stories!

Becca Skinner
National Geographic Explorer

Curated by:

Becca Skinner
Nat Geo Explorer
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Published Feb 7, 2018.
Thank you for your contributions!

Be Published on the Cover of Nat Geo Traveler magazine

Posted feb 14, 2018

FYI — there is a new Your Shot assignment right now called “The Trip That Changed My Life,” which is your chance to be featured on the cover of National Geographic Traveler’s upcoming “Epic Summer” issue (June/July 2018). Click here to submit your photos.

Check out our blog post featuring Your Shot photographer Victor Lima, who was previous winner of this opportunity. Victor bought his very first camera in November 2014; five months later he made the photo that was published on the cover of National Geographic Traveler magazine. This could be you. I hope you will all submit — I know I wish I could. Good luck Your Shot photographers. I cannot wait to see whose photos will be featured.

David Y. Lee
Producer, National Geographic Your Shot

Opening Up for a 4th Submission...

Posted jan 19, 2018

I’ve loved looking through your submissions so much that I’ve decided to open the assignment to a fourth submission.

My favorite images this week have been the ones that tell a strong story. These stories have been about culture, memorable landscapes, and the in-between moments of everyday life. Keep on submitting your best exploration images and remember to think outside the box when it comes to this assignment.

Submission deadline is still Wednesday January 24, 2018.

Good luck!

Becca Skinner
Nat Geo Explorer

Editor's Update 01

Posted jan 17, 2018

Going through your photos has been so enjoyable thus far and I’ve loved exploring the world through your images and lenses.

As I was developing this assignment, I thought a lot about my childhood. Growing up with geologist parents made for interesting trips and conversations. They encouraged me to pick up rocks, study animal tracks and climb up to the top of hills to get a better viewpoint. It soon happened that the curiosity about the world around me became a tool when I eventually became a photographer. This inquisitiveness and inspiration about the way life works is, to me, the heart of exploration photography.

The photos that have stood out from this assignment so far are the ones that ring true to the fun and curiosity of exploring as a kid. They open doors into worlds that you never imagined and leave you with a sense of awe. You all have submitted images with interesting angles and scenes that have allowed the viewer to feel like a witness to the scene.

Please continue to keep this fun in mind as you all submit images. Remember the rule of thirds and don’t be afraid to shoot into the sun. Lastly, the captions are just as much a part of the image as the content itself, so try to take time to write a detailed or thoughtful story or description.

Again, great work; I look forward to seeing your images — good luck!

Becca Skinner
Nat Geo Explorer

Becca Skinner

Becca Skinner

Nat Geo Explorer
Becca Skinner was born into a family of adventurers and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the high plains of Wyoming. This environment fueled a lifetime passion about wild places and exploring. While studying social work and technical writing at the University of Wyoming, Becca won a National Geographic Young Explorer Grant to document post-tsunami Sumatra, Indonesia. That trip sparked a leave from school, which led to 32,000 miles of living out of a car, traveling and photographing around the West. She now resides in Bozeman, Montana and works as an adventure and conservation photographer and writer.