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    Edit Photo Details Claressa Shields Strikes Back  
    Boxing is a brutual sport, and these women put their lives at risk when entering the ring. “I’m not here because I fell down in life, I’m here because I got up. “ Shields suffered a first round knock down by Hanna Gabriels. It was the first time Claressa hit the canvas in her career. Shields is a 2x Olympian, and a world boxing champion. Claressa Shields won this match vs Hanna Gabriels by unanimous decison. June 22nd was a historic night for women's boxing.
    Composition 4
    Lighting 3
    Creativity 3
    Story 3

    A powerful portrait that speaks of the sport and the brave women who pursue it. AND it's a decisive moment for you who like the work of Henri Cartier Bresson who wrote of this idea. This photographer has series about boxing and every photograph goes beyond the action and right into the heart of who these people are who have the courage and drive to enter the ring. It's tough to look at and it's so well done and perfect in the story it tells.

    Maggie Steber
    National Geographic Photographer
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    Date Uploaded: Jul 12, 2018
    Location: Detroit, Michigan, United States
    Copyright: © Terrell Groggins
    Categories: Black and White, Portraits, Sports
    Assignments: Not Just A Face