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    It's a whole new world under the water. I have fallen in love with the way the light penetrates the water, casting shadows and creating unexpected lens flare. There's such loss of control when you shoot under water. I am constantly moving, my subjects, mostly children are moving and it's impossible to stay still and frame an image perfectly. But, that's also the magic of it. I never know exactly what I am going to get, I have to just trust the process.
    Composition 3
    Lighting 3
    Creativity 2
    Story 2

    Trusting the process and trusting yourself and your instincts. Great points to make! The repetition of shapes really makes this image work. And what you've left out of the frame is just as important as what is in it. You have wonderfully captured the magic and wonder of the moment. I love how the stick (?) the boy is holding in his hand has a lens flare at the end of it. I imagine it is a magic wand!

    Sherry L. Brukbacher
    National Geographic Photo Editor
    Photo Details
    Date Taken: Jul 17, 2015
    Date Uploaded: Jul 29, 2015
    Location: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, United States
    Focal Length: 28 mm
    Shutter Speed: 1/500 sec
    Aperture: f/6.3
    ISO: 100
    Copyright: © Leigh Webber
    Categories: Places
    Assignments: The Pool
    Contests: 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest