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Published Apr 21, 2014 | View the Assignment | Features Photos From 20 Contributors

    20 photos selected by

    Susan Welchman
    Senior Editor, National Geographic Magazine

    Almost everyday I pass by this window and I always stop and stare a bit try to think why someone ...

    #art #show #old #window #expression #vintage #attitude #dollhouse #used

    Thank you very much for stretching yourselves into this assignment, which has taught me more than I hoped about homes worldwide. I've seen what you've thought long and hard about before sending, and your images have run from boring to exquisite. Some indicate days, maybe weeks of thinking and planning, and others perhaps a single shot made while walking by. As always there is no formula for success, except that both need luck or magic. I have seen images made in a small room and others that seem to include the universe, moments of sheer joy and others completely depressing, some that were extremely personal and others overly analytical. Of course, no two approaches are the same. 

    The following images are those I selected from the 12,410 images sent in. Every day I had the pleasure of looking through several hundred frames submitted in answer to my own quest of what constitutes home for both me and the Your Shot community. Each photographer in this selection showed me the biggest leap in imagination, each striving to push the interpretation to the maximum, all capturing a moment in time that serves as a metaphor for what home means. You all took this opportunity to use the materials at hand and to perhaps see something about your daily lives that is the summation of what home is to you.  

    We start with Sotia's frame of either a miniature home and cars or gigantic lamps, but mostly you wonder who made that display, and why did the photographer decide to send this frame in? The questions this image asks are better than the answers it provides. I wonder if the lamps went on at night and if the scene were better or worse for it.

    My daughter talks with her barbie in a box made ​​of plastic. She is always looking for little no...

    #light #home #box #national_geographic_photocontest_2014

    Editor's Note

    Such a beautiful slice of light and perfectly placed. A plastic box is not inherently beautiful but in this case it looks like a futuristic mode of transportation. Invention can happen really well... More

    Susan Welchman
    Senior Editor, National Geographic Magazine

    Detroit is a city of flash and panache. I feel at home when I see a sharp-dressed man at a stopli...


    Editor's Note

    This is a beauty. At first I thought it was a vintage image but the gas price, the daily news and the modern cars bring you right to today and this finely dressed man. That you related it to your D... More

    Susan Welchman
    Senior Editor, National Geographic Magazine

    Larry's photo of the couple in the grass is a happy, un-self-conscious moment caught by someone who could see the value in recording their abandon and happiness. Often what constitutes a home is who you're with.  Next comes the precise surroundings of the gentleman with his suitcase and sideburns, waiting for something to happen, perhaps leaving his home to go to a new one. 

    Two of my friends enjoying a summer afternoon near the ocean. We sat in the tall grass, ate lun...

    This man was sitting there, waiting one last time in the beautiful Jardin des Tuileries in Paris ...

    #garden #man #home #paris #portrait #france #tuileries

    There are the children rushing the photographer, Shamim with what looks like a weapon, but as they descend in size back to the little one who can just barely keep up, you sense their intentions aren't dangerous. The happy smiles and running legs along the mound of light earth come forward and backward to the white cap on their leader. Then to the image of the wounded knee cyclist with her hot purple lights. It's a play on playing, whether you have expensive toys or only sticks and stones. 

    Are hidden in the colorful life of childhood days in the life of every human mind.


    A custom-made pink velociraptor bike is surely an eye catcher, but not uncommon here; staying out...

    #texas #austin #bicycle #dinosaur #longexposure #citylife #nightphotography #austintexas #bruises

    The black and white trio of images—each depending on the others—serve as a mini picture story: the interior with beautiful ancient kitchen and woman, the blowing curtain on the minimalist geometric structure, the incredible carved and etched rope. All speak to aesthetic appreciation, with each home beautified in unique and personal ways. 

    My grandma in her home, adding wood to the fire in the stove while cooking lunch for her grandchi...

    #home #family #sadness #grandma #kitchen #past #cosy #gender #black_and_white #cookery #old_woman

    A curtain in the wind.

    #wind #house #window #home #curtain #azores #yourshotbook

    "Home" is a feeling.


    Home and how we depend on each other to create it. The photo by Carl Yared of the Christmas celebration of (perhaps) a father and daughter who depend entirely for its meaning and mood on each other, not the cold interior as they stare at the glow of their tree.

    The tangle of art students' bodies and the warmth of their friendship at this moment might support them when away from their individual homes. Here, they have a place together for this instant.

    Year after year, family come together. same rituals, same love, same people, same pictures. As we...

    #people #home #family #christmas #siblings #xmastree #timecapsule

    Residents of artist's studios are relaxing with friends. People are often looking for a sense of...

    #warm #love #friendship #confort

    nikon D200 tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 f/4-2 1/250c ISO:250 When I was waiting for my bus, I no...

    #portraits #genre

    Editor's Note

    Then the image of the check-shirted figure whose eye gazes down at the beautiful net-and-lace covered arm on a bus. Not alone in its beauty when you spot the fan mid-image. Every inch of this frame... More

    Susan Welchman
    Senior Editor, National Geographic Magazine

    Next comes Urdoi's picture of the the small, doll-like child amidst the belongings of her home, the subtle colors of the curtain, and how meaningful your surroundings might be to your happiness. Followed by the photo by Andrey Dzhioev of the family of happy children growing up in a safe and creative environment which allows us all the chance to say, "I wish I were part of that group." Are they all dressed to depart on that sailing ship?

    in a village in Romania, I met a story of simplicity. Although life was not very generous with th...

    #home #nomad #story #childhood

    For me home at first is people living with me - my children.

    #child #boat

    As a stay-at-home mom, I'm pretty much at home. Washing clothes are never ending. My girls are ob...

    #abstract #colors #laundry #clothes #socks #crazysocks #socksobsessed

    This invention by Debi McRaw was made from the raw material of the photographer's life. This bright, happy montage is sweet and meaningful, sent to us from deep inside motherhood. An un-photographic thought immortalized with her camera.

    The girls and women in these next images show the range of our lives, how before we can walk we are nurtured, and from then on it's up to us. The woman in her basement with more wash than she should have, the photo by Justin Moeller of the young girl in the desert with a too big dress and armored car kicking up dust, and Dany's photo of the nursing mothers and hungry children. Each a home of questionable comfort but all displaying their indisputable truth.

    I have always look up to my grandma for her strength, focus and most of all her heart. She is a r...

    #old #grandma #working

    Editor's Note

    That's a lot of wash and the stone walls could be the basement of an old farm house or a dungeon. Cato thought before shooting this in her home was worth sharing and chose this activity to send in.... More

    Susan Welchman
    Senior Editor, National Geographic Magazine

    An Afghan child walks down the side of the road, experiencing the norm of her home, taking note o...

    #child #road #kid #army #village #afghanistan #afghan #vehicle #patrol #canon7d #101st

    Indigenous mothers in Oromomo, the jungle is their home. TIPNIS, Bolivia.

    #women #bolivia #lactation #oromomo #tipnis

    A young Israeli girl, whom we had pleasure to meet during one of the trips, was all about fun and...

    #india #home #love

    Editor's Note

    Great stop action with the hair, pillow, and expressions caught. The parrot painting, bottle and red blanket for add more interest. This image is a moment of free and harmless self-expression tha... More

    Susan Welchman
    Senior Editor, National Geographic Magazine

    Overall, you have exceeded my expectations—thank you for taking me with you to so many new and thought provoking locations and introducing me to your families and friends. You have stretched your minds and more than illustrated my words—you filled in what I didn't know how to say. I am grateful and congratulate you all on working so hard to share with others how you made my words into your images. I wish you luck on the next Your Shot assignment. Never give up.

    About the Editor
    Susan Welchman
    Senior Editor, National Geographic Magazine
    Susan Welchman is a Senior Editor for National Geographic Magazine and has worked for the Society for the last 35 years. She was a photographer at the Philadelphia Daily News and then worked at the New York Post as a photo editor. She then came to National Geographic and has ...

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